How It Works

Cosynd provides a set of integrated, intuitive tools for the creative community that legally protect copyrights and reduce expenses. With Cosynd, you can create, negotiate, and execute a standard suite of copyright-related agreements and register those copyrights easier than ever before.

Create Agreements Using Cosynd

Register Your Copyrights Using Cosynd

Need help figuring out how many applications you may need to file? Click here to use our application calculator.

Why Cosynd?

Create faster

Cosynd helps you to quickly deal with the administrative tasks so that you can get back to creating. You can propose the addition of new works to your existing agreements in less than 5 minutes, eliminating the need to create new agreements or schedules each time you create something with your team.

Invite your attorneys

You and your collaborators can invite your attorneys to review your agreement and edit it directly within Cosynd. Don't have an attorney, but want to use one? Our partners can help you find qualified, vetted attorney at discounted rates.

Register copyrights

Cosynd helps you register your copyrights with the U.S. Copyright Office quickly and easily by using information you have already provided, saving you tons of time.

Negotiate better

Eliminate the need for excessive emails, meetings, and calls by centralizing negotiations on Cosynd. Easily propose terms, keep track of changes, chat online, and archive your discussions for future reference. Keep everyone on the same page by collaboratively verifying ownership and agreement terms.


All of your collaborators can digitally sign your agreements and store them on Cosynd. We'll keep your agreements safe should you ever need to access them again.