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Cosynd is a simple, affordable, and legal way for you to protect all of your creations.
Create customized copyright ownership agreements and register your content with the U.S. Copyright Office in minutes.

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Cosynd is an essential toolkit for creators that lets you register your copyrights and easily make customized split sheets, work for hire, and copyright ownership agreements with your collaborators, saving you valuable time and money.

Whether you're creating videos, music, documents, imagery, or another creation, creating content is a labor of love that you will want to protect. Unfortunately, things can get awkward and expensive when it’s time to discuss ownership and rights with your collabo rators - especially if you want to sell or license your content. With Cosynd you can get everyone on the same page about who owns your content, how it can be used, and what rights you all will have if things go wrong. You and your collaborators can negotiate the terms of your agreement, finalize it, and e-sign so that you can get back to doing what you do best - creating!

Own it

Protect your content with affordable copyright agreements and registrations.

Create Split Sheet Agreements

A short document that is the easiest and simplest way to establish ownership of your content.

Lists all of the co-owners of your content and their ownership shares, publisher information, and performing rights societies (if applicable). Start your agreement now.

Create Premium Ownership Agreements

Establish greater control over who owns your content and how it can be used.

Establish extremely important details about your content such as which collaborators are permitted to license your content on your behalf, who may use your name and likeness, how disputes should be handled, how payments/royalties should be managed, and more. Start your agreement now.

Create Work for Hire Agreements

Establishes your ownership of your content whenever you hire others to help.

Providing payment may not be enough to prevent someone from having a claim of ownership on your content. A work for hire agreement outlines the scope and terms of the work to be completed and ensures that you retain ownership any time that you hire someone to help you create content. Start your agreement now.

Register Your Copyrights With The U.S. Copyright Office

Registering your copyrights can save you time, money, and heartache in the long run.

Copyright owners that rely on “poor man’s” copyright are not granted the same protections and rights of owners that registered with the Copyright Office. The difference is critical, especially when it comes to legal proceedings (when things go wrong, like they sometimes do). Cosynd can help you to register your content with the U.S. Copyright Office in minutes. Start your registration now.