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If you create content more than once a year, work with different collaborators, or need different types of agreements, subscribing saves you the most time and money. Subscribers can register their content with the U.S. Copyright Office and create unlimited copyright ownership agreements. Subscribers can also add new content to their agreements at any time.
For hobbyists that only want to outline ownership
  • Register works with the U.S. Copyright Office (+ copyright registration filing fees apply).
  • Create unlimited simple copyright split sheets.
  • Establish the percentage of your copyrights that each collaborator owns.
  • Invite attorneys to review/edit your agreements if you wish to.
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Best deal!
$10/mo OR $100/yr
For professional creators that want to control their content - Everything in the Free plan, plus:
  • Create unlimited premium ownership agreements.
  • Decide which collaborators can license/sell your content.
  • Decide how and when your name, image, and brand can be used.
  • Decide what options and rights you will have to resolve forseeable problems.
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$15/mo OR $150/yr
For professional creators that want it all - Everything in the Essential plan, plus:
  • Create unlimited work for hire agreements.
  • Retain ownership and outline the terms of collaboration with independent contractors like musicians, engineers, editors, etc.
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Register Your Copyrights

Take our easy, straightforward questionnaire and Cosynd will file your completed copyright registration application with the U.S. Copyright Office on your behalf.
U.S. Copyright Office Registration
Protect your content by registering it with the U.S. Copyright Office (plus The U.S. Copyright Office filing fees of $35 or $55 per application).
  • Complete your application in minutes.
  • Transfer information about your content to your application instantly.
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  • Do my collaborators have to pay to use Cosynd?
    No. The collaborators that you have invited to Cosynd can view, negotiate, and sign your agreement for free.
  • Can I invite my attorney to review my agreement?
    Cosynd isn't your attorney and isn't a substitute for an attorney's services. However, you and your collaborators can invite your attorneys to review and edit your agreement all within Cosynd's platform if you wish to.
  • Is it difficult to create an agreement?
    No. Actually, you can create an agreement in 5 easy steps. To give you a head start, we made step-by-step guides to help you along.
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